UNDEFEATED Freshens Up For 2018

Posted in Clothing

UNDEFEATED has always been a background brand since it’s opening in 2002. While a flashy brand you would often see the stars wearing, it is still overshadowed by other major street fashion giants such as Supreme and Palace.

However, some key moves in 2017 made everyone take another look at UNDEFEATED; The most notable example being the Nike Air Max 97 collaboration with the brand. Coming off of this, UNDEFEATED has decided to give their entire brand a fresh new look, and the results couldn’t be better.

Not only are their new products fresh and exciting, but the production and quality has been changed as well. Canadian produced items give the brand a more comfortable wear, and set the brand up to be a big contender in 2018.

Sure, some may say that UNDEFEATED is a lackluster brand with nothing more to offer than clothing with a logo, but it’s obvious they are stepping their game up, and we’re excited to see the results.

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