Is Yeezy Resale Dead?

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Ever since he began his partnership with Adidas, Kanye West’s Yeezy shoe line has become a worldwide sensation. Fans across the globe sought out the shoes to be just like their favorite artist. Due to their limited release however, the Yeezy brand has always been seen as an exclusive brand of shoes. Only a few hundred or thousand are released, and these are quickly bought up by resellers. These resellers are then able to sell the shoes and make two or even three times profit selling the shoes back to the market.

However, with all the 2018 releases, it is becoming apparent the resell market for Yeezys could be winding down. With the release of the new 350 V2 “Butter” colorway, we saw resell prices rise just slightly above retail price, as compared to upwards of a 400% markup. The latest release of the 500 “Utility Black” followed the same pattern.

So why is this happening?

There are multiple reasons. First: Supply and demand. The less supply of something, the more the demand. With limited releases, people are willing to pay more to get their hands on a limited edition shoe. But with the constant releases and restocks we have seen from the Yeezy brand, this drives the value way down.

The second reason is originality. Sure, the 500 is a new and exciting take on the Yeezy shoe, but they still do not live up to the hype of the original 350 V2. And the recent releases of the 350’s have instead focused more on different colorways than something fresh and new. The new “Butter” is just a yellow version of the “Creams”, and after a preview posted to Kanye’s Twitter, it seems like we will be getting quite a few new colorways.

It will be interesting to see if the Yeezy resell market continues to fall, or if a new limited release will kickstart the market again.

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